Richard Speight Jr.

Character actor Richard Speight Jr. has made a mark on many television series, including "Band of Brothers," "Jericho," and "Supernatural." Speight was born in Nashville, Tennessee and attended the Montgomery Bell Academy and the University of Southern California's School of Theatre, where he graduated cum laude. He made appearances in shows ranging from the horror anthology "Freddy's Nightmares," to the law serial "Matlock" and the medical drama "ER," before appearing in Roland Emmerich's blockbuster film "Independence Day," starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum as a U.S. Marine and computer geek, respectively, charged with saving humanity from an alien invasion. After spots in "Speed 2: Cruise Control" and the television series "JAG," Speight made his directorial debut alongside Jed Mortenson with "North Beach." The film, in which he also acts, follows the relationship between two very different people in a San Francisco neighborhood populated by an eccentric group of observers. In 2001, Speight appeared as Sgt. Skip Muck in the acclaimed HBO miniseries "Band of Brothers," executive produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. From 2006 to 2008, Speight played Deputy Bill Kohler on the nuclear fall-out drama "Jericho," ranked number eleven among TV Guide's Top Cult Shows. He then joined the popular CW series "Supernatural" from 2007 to 2010 as a demi-god known as the Trickster, one of the demons attempting to best a team of supernatural crime fighters.