Richard Suckle

Philadelphia native Richard Suckle was set from the start on a career in entertainment. Suckle started out working in Broadway theater. While still a student at New York University, Suckle worked at general management firm Gatchell & Neufeld; while there, he worked on musicals like Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Aspects of Love" and Tony Award winners "Lettice & Lovage" and "City of Angels." After doing his time on Broadway, Suckle toiled briefly in the music industry, working with legends Wynton Marsalis and Hall & Oates at public relations firm Shore Fire Media. In 1991, following his graduation, Suckle moved west to Los Angeles, joining Roven/Cavallo Entertainment, which two years later became Atlas entertainment, a subdivision of integrated media giant Mosaic. Suckle remained at Atlas for 11 years, developing and producing some of the company's most successful feature projects, including the twisty science fiction drama "Twelve Monkeys" (1995) and the dark crime drama "Fallen" (1998). In 2003, after producing the box office hit "Scooby-Doo" (2002) with director Raja Gosnell, Gosnell and Suckle decided to form their own company, R&R Entertainment. In 2014, Suckle, along with director David O. Russell, was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture for Russell's period crime drama "American Hustle" (2013).