Riley Smith

Born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Riley Smith's first love was horseback riding, becoming president of the American Quarter Horse Youth Association when he was 17. He was discovered by a talent scout at a mall in Cedar Rapids, which eventually let to his signing on to a modeling campaign for Tommy Hilfiger. Smith used his earning to pursue acting and in 1998 was cast in his first onscreen role, a supporting part in the family show "One World" (NBC, 1998-2001). In 2000 he earned his first recurring role, appearing in the seminal show "Freaks and Geeks" (NBC, 1999-2000). After appearing in supporting roles in films and shows like "Bring it On" (2000) and "Once and Again" (ABC, 1999-2002), Smith landed another recurring role, this time on "Raising Dad" (The WB, 2001-02). He played Kyle Singer, a pivotal role on the third season of the hit show "24" (Fox, 2001-2010). His first starring role came when he was a part of the ensemble that made up the series "Drive" (Fox, 2007), an action drama following the teams and individuals engaged in an illegal cross country race. Smith would appear in a number of recurring roles, including "True Blood" (HBO, 2008-2014) and "Nashville" (ABC, 2012-16) before his next starring role, in "Frequency" (The CW, 2016-), the series remake of the 2000 film of the same name.