Rob Letterman

Writer/director Rob Letterman was born in Hawaii before moving to the mainland to study at the University of Southern California. Letterman primarily focused on family friendly fare starting with six minute animated short "Los Gringos" (1999) which played at Sundance Film Festival in 2000. His next project was working as part of the special effects team on crocodile on the rampage monster movie "Lake Placid" (1999). Letterman then joined the pre-production crew for the first "Shrek" (2001) film which was the start of a fruitful relationship with DreamWorks studio. He co-wrote and co-directed two big hits for the company with "Shark Tale" (2004), featuring the vocal talents of Will Smith and Jack Black, followed by "Monsters vs Aliens" (2009), with Reese Witherspoon. Having proved his ability in computer animation, Letterman looked like the perfect fit for effects-heavy live action comedy "Gulliver's Travels" (2010), once again starring Black and very (very) loosely based on Jonathan Swift's original. However Letterman's first solo director gig was a commercial and critical dud in the U.S. but eventually made a decent profit on the international market with a worldwide box-office total of over $235 million. Teaming up with Black for the third time, Letterman directed the latest adaptation of R.L. Stine's horror stories for children, "Goosebumps" (2015).