Rory Cochrane

An intense character actor adept at portraying a wide variety of roles, Rory Cochrane first caught people's attention as Slater, the resident high school stoner in Richard Linklater's cult comedy, "Dazed and Confused" (1993). Taking on the dramatically different role of Tim Speedle on the hit CBS spin-off "CSI: Miami" (2002-2012), Cochrane found a new audience on mainstream television. On film, Cochrane found consistent work by appearing in a number of films, including "Empire Records" (1995), "The Low Life" (1995) and Gregory Hoblit's "Hart's War" (2002) opposite Colin Farrell. Cochrane had made such a memorable impression on Linklater, the director cast the up-and-comer in his rotoscoped sci-fi film, "A Scanner Darkly" (2006), while the actor continued making a name for himself on TV and in film with prominent roles on "24" (Fox, 2001-2010), as well as in "Public Enemies" (2009) and "Argo" (2012). Whether in roles large or small, Cochrane always brought the same intensity to the characters he played while elevating both the material and his own status.