Ruben Garfias

Ruben Garfias's talent as an actor was best showcased by his dramatic film work. Garfias kicked off his entertainment career by acting in action flicks like "Dragnet" (1987) and "Patriot Games" (1992) with Harrison Ford. He also appeared in the TV movie "Full Eclipse" (HBO, 1993-94). He worked in television in his early acting career as well, including a part on "Shasta Mcnasty" (UPN, 1999-2000). His film career continued throughout the early 2000s in productions like the Anupam Kher drama "Spice of Life" (2006), "License to Wed" (2007) and "Ladron Que Roba A Ladron" (2007). He also appeared in the Jill Marie Jones comedy "Redrum" (2007). Most recently, Garfias acted in the Dermot Mulroney horror sequel "Insidious: Chapter 3" (2015).