Sarah Adler

A prolific actress, Sarah Adler made a name for herself in dramatic film. Adler worked on a variety of projects during her early entertainment career, including "Afraid of Everything" (2004) starring Nathalie Richard, "Extreme Makeover" and "Our Music" (2004) starring Jean-Luc Godard. She also contributed to "Women and Cigarettes: A Fatal Attraction" (ABC, 2000-01). Her film career continued throughout the early 2000s in productions like the Arié Elmaleh drama "La Maison de Nina" (2005), "Marie Antoinette" (2006) and the drama "Year Zero" (2006) with Dan Geva. She also appeared in "Jellyfish" (2008). In her more recent career, she continued to act in the dramatic adaptation "Ultimatum" (2009) with Gaspard Ulliel, the Benjamin Biolay drama "Bachelor Days are Over" (2011) and the Yuval Scharf drama "Ana Arabia" (2014). Adler most recently acted in "Boreg" (2015).