Sarah Minnich

Sarah Minnich was an American actress who was best known for her recurring role as Brenda on the AMC series "Better Caul Saul" (AMC, 2015- ). Minnich fell in love with the screen at a very young age, and always dreamt of becoming a professional actress. While living in Los Angeles in the early mid-2000s she went on countless auditions before landing her first lead role n the indie horror film "Spring Break Massacre" (2008), which was shot in Illinois. The experience was exhilarating for Minnich but upon returning to L.A. she quickly realized that she would need a change of scenery. Minnich still wanted to pursue acting so she made the ultimately wise decision of packing up her bags and moving to New Mexico. It was the late 2000s and at the time several television shows and films were shooting in the state. Minnich's plan was to start small by picking up a few roles in New Mexico, and then expanding on her career from there. She quickly found an agent and before long had nabbed a supporting role on "Breaking Bad" (AMC, 2008-2013), which was shooting in New Mexico, as a drugged out party girl. From there her career took off. Over the next few years Minnich continued landing roles in both films and TV shows, including "In Plain Sight" (USA, 2008-2012), "Two Men in Town" (2014) and "Sicario" (2015). As her acting career grew, Minnich was able to live in New Mexico, where she was able to stay busy as a working actress outside of Hollywood. Her big break came in 2015 when she nabbed a recurring role on the "Breaking Bad" sequel "Better Call Saul."  Minnich played Brenda on the series. In 2017 Minnich nabbed a part on the historical mini-series "Waco" (Paramount Network, 2018).