Sébastien Landry

Quebec native Sebastien Landry showed an independent spirit from the earliest days of his career as a director. Though he studied his craft at the École de Cinéma et Télévision de Québec, Landry also developed his skills through a distinctively hands-on approach, utilizing the technology of the burgeoning digital age to helm his own professional projects. He directed the popular web series "33Mag" (2007), which investigated the underground urban culture of Quebec, as well as the hyper-kinetic comedy web series "Dakodak.tv" (2011). Landry's approach to his endeavors would prove to be entrepreneurial in nature, even outside the realm of film- and TV-related projects. He owned and operated a boutique for unique urban apparel and accessories called Tib Shop in Sept-Îles, Quebec, which was sometimes a venue for quirky and outlandish events like Jell-O wrestling. Landry closed the shop when it came time to shoot his first short film, "Gourgandine" (2009), which was screened at a number of film festivals, including YoungCuts, and the director subsequently found no shortage of projects to work on. He directed a number of commercials, as well as music videos for artists such as Caroline Keating and Karim Ouellet. In 2013, Landry took another step in his journey as a filmmaker, directing his first full length feature film, a drama called "Un parallèlle plus tard" (2013). Landry filmed the independent drama in and around his native North Shore area of Quebec, and the movie became an official selection at the 2013 Festival du nouveau cinéma.