Serena Williams

Her athletic prowess, commanding personality, and passion for her chosen sport made Serena Williams a tennis superstar. Coached by her father along with her equally accomplished sister Venus, Williams rose up the world rankings by beating top-seeded players and winning one Grand Slam tournament after another in the early 2000s. Watching her play, especially when she was competing against her sister, was a ballet of powerful serves, skilled footwork, and strategic hits that demonstrated her competitive spirit and love for the game. With multiple wins in singles and doubles matches at the sport's most prestigious tournaments, an Olympic gold medal, and dozens of accolades, Williams established an iconic reputation that the mention of her first name alone was enough to fill stadiums and attract TV viewers. Her outspoken behavior on the court and neon-colored tennis ensembles added to the excitement of watching Williams, while her savvy business and media ventures established her celebrity status as one of the most dominant figures not only in tennis, but in the entire sporting world.