Shawnee Smith

Whether she's performing with her desert rock band Smith & Pyle or torturing unlucky innocents in the "Saw" movies, actress Shawnee Smith keeps finding new ways to explore and challenge her creative talents. The South Carolina native began acting in 1982 with a small role as a dancer in the musical "Annie," and guest-starred on the popular series "Silver Spoons" (NBC, 1982-87) before landing the lead role in the 1988 remake of "The Blob." While she flexed her comedic muscles alongside Ted Danson on "Becker" (CBS, 1998-2004), off-screen Smith let her inner wild child out in Fydolla Ho, a punk metal band she formed with former Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo. In 2004 the self-professed "scaredy-cat" faced her fears in the wildly successful indie horror film "Saw" (2004). Her iconic performance, helped along by a well-placed bear trap, propelled the brunette beauty to a central role in the series; she returned to wreak havoc in "Saw II" (2005) and "Saw III" (2006), and made a brief appearance in "Saw VI" (2009). But even as her reputation as film's newest scream queen grew, by 2008 Smith was back in the recording studio with Smith & Pyle, her country rock duo with fellow actress Missi Pyle. With her role as Charlie Sheen's entrepreneurial ex-wife on FX's "Anger Management" (2012-14), Smith returned to the small screen and proved a worthy comic foil for the notoriously wild card actor.