Skyler Samuels

At age eight, Skyler Samuels got her start in the world of acting. Samuels began her acting career with roles in sitcoms like "That's So Raven" (Disney, 2002-06), "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" (Disney, 2004-07) and "Love, Inc." (UPN, 2005-06). She also appeared in "Wizards of Waverly Place" (Disney, 2007-2011). Several more television roles followed in the early 2000s and the 2010s, including stints on "The Gates" (ABC, 2009-2010) and "The Nine Lives of Chloe King" (ABC Family, 2010-11). Following that project, she acted on the silver screen, including roles in "The Stepfather" (2009) and "Furry Vengeance" (2010) with Brendan Fraser. More recently, she tackled roles on "American Horror Story" (FX, 2011-) and "Scream Queens" (Fox, 2015-). She also appeared in the comedy "Helicopter Mom" (2015) with Nia Vardalos. Most recently, Samuels acted in "The DUFF" (2015).