Gerald "Slink" Johnson

A comedian from the beginning, Gerald 'Slink' Johnson's first role was "Gangsta Rap: The Glockumentary," the 2007 mockumentary following a group of over the hill rappers, directed by Damon 'Coke' Williams. The first collaboration of what would become a fruitful relationship came in 2008, when Johnson played Black Jesus on the TBS produced comedic web variety show "The Super Rumble Mixshow" (2008), which was created by Aaron McGruder. In 2010, the two would reconnect when Johnson voiced the role of Lando Freeman in the animated TV show based on McGruder's comic, "The Boondocks" (Adult Swim, 2005- ). Like many comedians, Johnson also began to get exposure on the web. In 2010 he appeared in a number of parody infomercials, including a spoof of the condescending Everest College commercials, which gained over 2 million views. If exposure was the goal, Johnson found it in 2013, albeit in an unorthodox fashion. He was the voice of Lamar Davis, the crazy gang member best friend of lead character Franklin Clinton in the mega-popular videogame "Grand Theft Auto V," which sold $1 billion worth of units in its first three days of release. Whether affected by the success of the videogame or not, 2014 was Johnson's busiest yet. Johnson was the lead in the web series "Community Service," playing a therapist who is assigned to be a mobile therapist to 'pay for' his community service. He also teamed up with McGruder for the third time, this one a stand alone "Black Jesus" TV show that aired on Adult Swim. The show created an outcry from the conservative Christian community, which provided publicity, but provoked no response from the creators or network.