Sosie Bacon

Despite her famous parents, Sosie Bacon was not always destined for a career in acting. Born in 1992 to actors Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, Bacon was raised in a normal home environment, with no encouragement from her parents to pursue a career in entertainment. However, Bacon persuaded her mother and father to let her play a small role in their collaborative effort "Loverboy" (2005) at age 10, and by the time she was 19, Bacon had landed yet another part alongside her mother, this time taking on the recurring role of Charlie on Sedgwick's series "The Closer" (TNT, 2005-2012). Though she would study her craft at Brown University and with the musical theater company CAP21, Bacon would continue to gain hands-on experience as well, appearing in the off-Broadway musical "Fiction in Photographs" in 2012, and taking on the recurring role of Rachel on "Scream" (MTV, 2015-). In 2017, Bacon joined the cast of the much-discussed series "13 Reasons Why" (Netflix, 2017-) and appeared in the TV film "Story of a Girl" (2017), an adaptation that Sedgwick chose to direct after both mother and daughter were moved by the book that the story was based on. Ever increasing in visibility, Bacon next joined the cast of the HBO series "Here and Now" (HBO, 2018-).