Stanley Clarke

Stanley Clarke brought his musical talents to a variety of films over the course of his Hollywood career. Clarke's earlier work underscored moods in such dramatic films as "Tap" (1989) with Gregory Hines and Suzzanne Douglas and "Cool As Ice" (1991) with Vanilla Ice and Kristin Minter. In the nineties, Clarke's music continued to appear on the silver screen, including in films like the action film "Passenger 57" (1992) with Wesley Snipes, the period drama "Red Hot" (1993) with Balthazar Getty and "Watch It" (1993) with Peter Gallagher. Clarke's music was also featured in "Down in the Delta" (1998), the Taye Diggs comedic drama "The Best Man" (1999) and the action flick "Romeo Must Die" (2000) with Jet Li. His music was also featured in "An Uninvited Guest" (2000) and the Eddie Griffin comedic adaptation "Undercover Brother" (2002). Clarke most recently worked on the Taye Diggs comedy sequel "The Best Man Holiday" (2013).