Steve Byers

When Steven Byers was in high school he won the highest award for Excellence in Drama, and after graduation continued to study acting at the University of Western Ontario. His first role was on the spy series "La Femme Nikita" in 1997. It took him three years to land his next role, when he appeared as a medical assistant on the science-fiction series "First Wave," as well as in two episodes of the family comedy "2gether: The Series," about a fictional boy-band. The next year, he appeared on the series "The Sausage Factory," as well as in two TV movies, "Shotgun Love Dolls" and "The Wedding Dress." His first big-screen role came in 2002 when he appeared in "Heart of America," inspired by the Columbine high school massacre. His next film came in 2003 in the critically-lambasted video-game spinoff "House of the Dead." His career didn't suffer from that misstep however, and he continued to get parts. In 2005, he starred in the TV pilot "Falcon Beach," about teens running amok at a Canadian lake resort and then in '06, he reprised his role of Jason Tanner for the series, appearing in 26 episodes until its cancellation in 2007. He later landed regular roles on the drama "Wild Roses" in 2009, and the police drama "Against the Wall" in 2011, the same year he appeared in the epic fantasy feature "The Immortals."