Steve Dorff

Composer Steve Dorff was a musical prodigy at an early age-learning to play piano at the age of four and beginning to compose music not long afterwards. In his teens, he played in rock bands, but Dorff always wanted to compose music for the movies. He relocated to Hollywood in 1974 to search for work, eventually landing a job working for Clint Eastwood and composing music for several of his films-- the action comedy"Every Which Way But Loose," its sequel "Any Which Way You Can," and the comedy "Honkytonk Man." This big break allowed Dorff to work extensively in Hollywood as a composer, arranger, and producer for both film and television. He has also penned several country and pop songs that have likewise been featured on film soundtracks. Some of his most notable work has been for the television shows the long running mystery series "Murder, She Wrote," the sci-fi police drama "Alien Nation," and the sitcom"Reba." Dorff was also nominated for an Emmy for his work on the sitcom "Murphy Brown." His film work also includes the western "The Quick and the Dead" and the music drama "Pure Country." Steve Dorff is also the father of actor Stephen Dorff.