Steven Yeun

Actors can spend years, even decades, chasing after the one role that will gain them recognition. Steven Yeun hit the jackpot a mere three years into his search, landing the leading role of Glenn Rhee on "The Walking Dead" (AMC 2010- ). Yeun, who was born in Seoul, South Korea as Yeun Sang-yeop on Dec. 21, 1983, moved to Troy, Michigan with his parents Je and June Yeun after they spent a year in Canada. He went to Kalamazoo College, where he graduated with a degree in 2005. At first he was going to go to medical school, but he decided to study acting instead. He broke in by doing voiceover work for the Crysis game franchise and then he got a role in the indie film "My Name Is Jerry" (2009) before joining the cast of "The Walking Dead." In between seasons of the show, he also appeared on "Law & Order: LA" (NBC 2010-11), did voiceover work in "The Legend of Korra" (Nickelodeon 2012- ), and co-starred in Mike Cahill's indie release "I Origins" (2014), alongside Michael Pitt. After leaving "The Walking Dead" in 2016, Yeun worked extensively as a voice actor in animated TV and video games and starred in action horror film "Mayhem" (2017). Yeun next appeared in a supporting role in satirical drama "Sorry To Bother You" (2018) and starred in the South Korean drama "Burning" (2018), based on a short story by Haruki Murakami.