Sufe Bradshaw

Sufe Bradshaw was an American actress best known to the public for her portrayal of stoic secretary Sue on the political comedy "Veep" (HB0 2012-), though she was also well known in the activist and spoken word communities. Bradshaw was born in Chicago, IL to a Sicilian father and Ghanaian mother. She was one of nine children. She earned a degree in theatre from the Los Angeles City Theatre Academy before advancing her craft through The Meisner Technique and Lee Strasberg's Actor's Studio, among others. She was featured in a variety of Los Angeles stage productions, including "A Raisin In The Sun" and "Hamlet." Her first TV break came in 2008 with a small role on "Cold Case" (CBS 2003-2010). Shortly thereafter, she landed a small role in the blockbuster: J.J. Abrams' 'Star Trek' reboot (2009), in which she played a Cadet Alien. She went on to appear in small roles on TV shows and movies before landing the regular role as Sue on "Veep." While living in Los Angeles, she was heavily involved with spoken word poetry, as well as the charity Humanity for the Homeless. In 2012, she began work on directing the documentary feature "New Leaves" about the turning point that gets people on the right track, inspired by her upbringing in Chicago.