Tim Reid

Though at times a groundbreaking, if unsung, stand-up comedian and a one-man production company, Tim Reid was forever married in the minds of television viewers as the smooth DJ, Venus Flytrap, on "WKRP in Cincinnati" (CBS, 1978-1982). He came to the role after plying his comedy and acting in nightclubs across the country and in bit parts on various TV variety shows. "WKRP" gave him the break he needed, and Reid ran with it. Dedicated to producing quality programs for and about African-Americans, he went on to star and produce the acclaimed comedy series "Frank's Place" (CBS, 1987-88) and "Linc's" (Showtime, 1998), as well as direct several independent features, most notably the gripping historical drama "Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored" (1995). Reid's dedication to mature, intelligent fare, as well as his easygoing comic talents, made him both a favorite and a figure of distinction in the entertainment industry.