Timothy O. Johnson

Animation director and producer Tim Johnson was a key figure in some of DreamWorks Animation's most successful feature film titles, including "Antz" (1998), "Over the Hedge" (2006) and "How to Train Your Dragon" (2010). The Chicago native produced a pair of animated films while in college, which became the focus of his subsequent career. In 1990, he formed the Character Animation Group at Pacific Data Images, which teamed with DreamWorks to produce their first feature-length computer animated film, "Antz." Johnson served as director on the project while also advising on other DreamWorks projects, including "Shrek" (2001). His third directorial effort, "Over the Hedge" (2006), provided DreamWorks with another big family hit, though it was soon surpassed by the 3D spectacle "How to Train Your Dragon," which saw huge box office returns and earned two Oscar nominations. Johnson's expertise and enthusiasm helped to make DreamWorks a leading competitor to Disney and Pixar on the computer animated feature scene, and underscored his status as one of its most successful figures.