Tina Fey

An alumni of Chicago's famed Second City improv troupe, fashionably bespectacled writer-comedienne Tina Fey proved that a brainy woman could be sexy. A popular crush among political junkies, cultural literates and highbrow frat boys across America, this self-described "super-nerd" first came onto the scene as a writer and cast member of "Saturday Night Live" (NBC, 1975- ) where she sparkled brightly as the sarcastic Weekend Update co-anchor to Jimmy Fallon, and later, Amy Poehler. After proving her mettle as big-screen scribe of the hit Lindsay Lohan flick "Mean Girls" (2004), Fey left the "SNL" nest to write and star on the award-winning sitcom "30 Rock" (NBC, 2006-2013). Despite a constant battle for ratings, "30 Rock" became a media darling and a multi-award winner, thanks to Fey's sharp dialogue and easy rapport with co-star Alec Baldwin. While the show racked up numerous awards, Fey continued working in features, appearing opposite Poehler in "Baby Mama" (2007) and Steve Carell in "Date Night" (2010). A return to "SNL" in 2008 with a dead-on caricature of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin became one of the most talked-about sketches in the show's history. A return to television with the quirky comedy "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" (Netflix 2015- ) and a big-screen reunion with Poehler in the comedy "Sisters" (2015) continued her string of appealing projects. Fey's immense talents both in front of and behind the camera made her both an inspiration to female writers and an influential performer who had an undeniable impact on popular culture.