Toby Onwumere

Toby Onwumere first rose to fame with a key part on Lana Wachowski and James McTeigue's sci-fi series "Sense8" (Netflix, 2015-17). Born on February 1, 1990, Onwumere studied acting in college, earning his MFA from the University of California's acting program. Almost immediately after graduation, Onwumere started getting work, making his screen debut on the Christian web series "The Book of Dallas" (Vimeo, 2012-). However, Onwumere's big break came when he was chosen by Lana Wachowski to play the role of Capheus in season two of the Netflix series, "Sense8" (Netflix, 2015-17), due to the departure of actor Aml Ameen, who had played Capheus in the show's first season. Onwumere was introduced to audience's during the pre-season 2016 "Christmas Special" aired by Netflix before fully taking over the role for the show's second season, which premiered in May of 2017.