Todd Hallowell

Although he's best known as the executive producer of prestigious, award-winning films like the gripping behind-the-scenes dramatization "Frost/Nixon" and the Best Picture Oscar winner "A Beautiful Mind," Todd Hallowell has worn a number of hats throughout his extensive Hollywood career. Everybody's got to start somewhere, and for Hallowell, his first credit was as prop assistant on a 1979 T&A flick about kidnapped cheerleaders, called "The Great American Girl Robbery." Moving up the ranks in terms of both job responsibility and quality of films, he was soon working as art director on hits like the Chevy Chase caper "Fletch" and the hit culture-clash comedy "Down and Out in Beverly Hills," before becoming a key part of the production team behind Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's hugely successful Imagine Entertainment. Hallowell worked as both production designer and second unit director on Howard and Grazer hits like the Steve Martin family comedy-drama "Parenthood" before becoming associate producer of the gripping fire-fighting thriller "Backdraft" in 1991. Since then, Hallowell has continued his long and profitable association with Imagine Entertainment, serving as executive producer of many of their highest profile films while still keeping his hand in as a second unit director on large-scale films like the pulp thriller "The Da Vinci Code" and its sequel "Angels & Demons."