Tony Ka Fai Leung

One of Hong Kong's leading film actors, Tony Leung Ka Fai has appeared in action films, dramas, and comedies, achieving crossover success in the French film "The Lover" and in the crime thriller "Election." He trained at Hong Kong's TVB Acting School but left before graduating. His first film, "Chui lian ting zheng" ("Reign Behind the Curtain") earned him a Hong Kong Film Award as Best Actor and set him on his career path. He then appeared in a series of action films, including several with fellow Hong Kong star Yun-Fat Chow, such as the 1989 film "A Better Tomorrow III: Love and Death in Saigon." He appeared with Sammo Hung Kam-Bo and Joyce Godenzi in the 1990 action film "Lethal Lady" and costarred in the French period film "The Lover" two years later. His international exposure continued with his appearance in Kar Wai Wong's "Ashes of Time" in '94, co-starring Maggie Cheung, and he reunited with Yun-Fat Chow in the comedic action film "God of Gamblers' Return." He reached a new audience with the international horror thriller "Double Vision" in 2002, earning another Hong Kong Film Award nomination. His most famous role and greatest international acclaim came in the gangster drama "Election" in 2005, a film that was nominated for a Golden Palm at Cannes and earned the actor his fourth Hong Kong Film Award.