Victor Garber

Having been a leading player on Broadway for most of his career, actor Victor Garber unsurprisingly became a powerful force on screen as well, particularly on television shows like "Alias" (ABC, 2001-06). Garber came to prominence on stage in the early 1970s after a short-lived stint in a Canadian pop group with winning performances in "Godspell" (1973) and "Ghosts" (1973). But it was his Tony Award-nominated performance in "Deathtrap" (1978) that earned the young actor considerable attention. From there, Garber began to make strides in features and on television, delivering solid turns in Alex Haley's "Queen" (CBS, 1993) and in the feature hits "Sleepless in Seattle" (1993) and "Titanic (1997). Though a recognizable face to most audiences, Garber was unable to make a name for himself until he starred on "Alias," which earned him a large fan base for his cold and calculating portrayal of the protective father of a CIA double agent (Jennifer Garner). The role earned him three consecutive Emmy nominations and enough clout to star in his own series, "Justice" (Fox, 2006), an intriguing, but unfortunately short-lived courtroom drama. But by the time he delivered a solid performance opposite Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn in the moving drama, "Milk" (2008), Garber had earned a reputation as one of Hollywood's most dependable and enduring supporting actors.