Vincent Regan

Though perhaps best known to American audiences as a character player in Hollywood action and adventure epics, British actor Vincent Regan first cut his teeth on the English stage, as one of the finest interpreters of classic dramatic roles. A native of Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales, Regan was born in 1965 as the child of Irish parents. He then moved to Ireland with his family while still a young boy. As a college student, Regan attended St. Joseph's College in Suffolk, England and London's Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, where he honed his skills as a thespian. Numerous starring turns in plays by Shakespeare and other giants ensued. Hollywood producers also came beckoning, tapping Regan's classical stoicism and gravitas for authoritative contributions to such epics as "Clash of the Titans" (2010), "Troy" (2004) and "300" (2007). Meanwhile, Regan built a career as an entrepreneur, establishing a film production company that he used to advance personal projects starring such contemporaries as Tilda Swinton and Sean Bean and revealing an interest in theatrical restoration, by renovating the East Riding Theatre in an old chapel in Beverley, England. The establishment formally opened in the summer of 2014, and offered a combination of plays, musical performances, comedy and children's entertainment. Following the opening, Regan returned to series television in the supporting role of King Simon on the campy soap opera "The Royals" (E! 2015- ), starring Elizabeth Hurley as the outrageous monarch of a dysfunctional British royal family.