Wang Xue-Qi

Wang Xueqi was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Xueqi began his acting career with roles in such films as "Yellow Earth" (1984), the drama "The Big Parade" (1989) with Sun Chun and "Country Teachers" (1993). He also appeared in the dramatic adaptation "Warrior Lanling" (1994) with Lorenzo Callender, the Wen Jiang dramatic adaptation "In the Heat of the Sun" (1996) and the drama "Sun Valley" (1996) with Zhang Fengyi. He kept working in film throughout the nineties and the 2010s, starring in "Tai Yang Niao" (1998), the Wen Jiang dramatic adventure "Warriors of Heaven and Earth" (2004) and the Leon Lai dramatic musical "Mei Lanfang" (2008). He also appeared in "Jian guo da ye" (2009), the period drama "Wheat" (2009) with Fan Bingbing and the action picture "Reign of Assassins" (2010) with Michelle Yeoh. Recently, he tackled roles in "Beginning of the Great Revival" (2011) with Liu Ye, "Bodyguards and Assassins" (2011) with Tony Leung Ka-fai and the Ge You dramatic period piece "Sacrifice" (2012). He also appeared in the Gao Yuanyuan drama "Caught in the Web" (2013), the Robert Downey Jr. box office smash action film "Iron Man 3" (2013) and "The Rooftop" (2013) with Jay Chou. Most recently, Xueqi acted in "Helios" (2015).