Jason "Wee Man" Acuña

One of the most fearless and likable members of the "Jackass" (MTV, 2000-02) amateur stunt team, Jason Acuña, who was frequently billed by his nickname, "Wee Man," was a daredevil, occasional actor and television personality whose diminutive size never prevented him from subjecting himself to the franchise's absurd and cringe-inducing stunts. A former skateboarder in his Southern California hometown, his fearlessness gained the attention of Big Brother publisher Steve Rocco, who brought Acuña to public awareness through his magazine and its gonzo video features. In 2000, Acuña became a pop culture icon through "Jackass," on which he defied accepted notions of what a little person could do by engaging in ridiculous and occasionally dangerous skits and stunts with his cast mates. The show and subsequent feature releases led to a second career as a reality show participant and sidekick on various "Jackass" spin-offs, as well as minor roles in features and on television. Acuña's broad grin and go-for-broke attitude made him a well-liked presence in every project he took on.