Will Speck

American filmmaker Will Speck is best known for co-directing star-studded comedies alongside his long-time collaborator and friend Josh Gordon. They have directed the buddy comedy "Blades of Glory" and the twisted rom-com "The Switch." Speck and Gordon first met while attending New York University, where they were teamed up for a group film assignment. The pair soon discovered they shared a similar sense of humor and developed their working relationship by co-directing the comedy short "Culture" in 1997. The 29-minute film starred Philip Seymour Hoffman and garnered an Academy Award nomination for Best Short Film, Live Action. They directed their first full-length feature, "Blades of Glory," together in 2007. This absurdist sports comedy centered on two rival ice skaters, played by comedic actors Will Ferrell and Jon Heder. After both men are banned for life from skating in the singles competition, they awkwardly team up and skate in the pairs competition. The movie was wildly popular with audiences and generally applauded by critics. For their next effort, Speck and Gordon took to television, helming the sitcom "Cavemen," which was inspired by the popular Geico Insurance ads that famously mocked the intelligence of cavemen, to the dismay of a modern Neanderthal. The pilot was savaged in the press for a myriad of problems, including alleged racism, and "Cavemen" was soon cancelled. Speck and Gordon rebounded in 2010 with the raunchy comedy "The Switch." The movie, which starred Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, was considered a moderate hit, both critically and financially.