Zac Efron

It took just one television movie to change young actor Zac Efron from a supporting player to a bona fide teen star. Of course, that movie was The Disney Channel's tween pop cultural phenomenon, "High School Musical" (2006), which elevated Efron to major league heartthrob status for his star-making turn as a high school jock who discovers his hidden love for singing. Reprising the role for a summer resort sequel (2007) and a big-screen trilogy-ender (2008), Efron continued to be singled out for excellent reviews by critics. He ascended from the Disney factory to mainstream success as the romantic male lead of the hit "Hairspray" (2007), which he confirmed by carrying his first solo success, the hit body-switching comedy "17 Again" (2009). Dramatic turns in the well-received "Me and Orson Welles" (2009) and the hit comedy "Neighbors" (2014) promised future success, with Efron seemingly poised to make the difficult transition from teen heartthrob to viable and respected adult actor.