Zack Ward

Redheaded actor Zach Ward is the son of actress Pam Hyatt. Against her wishes he went to audition for a role in "A Christmas Story" as a child, and landed the part of bully Scut Farkus in the classic yuletide comedy. This memorable part led to several roles throughout the 1980s, most notably in a TV adaptation of the children's novel "Anne of Green Gables." The first half of the 1990s found Ward in a number of unmemorable features and TV shows, but he found further exposure with small roles on the cop show "NYPD Blue" and the military drama "JAG." In 2000 he reprised his role as farmboy Moody Spurgeon in the TV movie " Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story," and that same year he landed a part on the TV show "Titus," where he played lead Christopher Titus's friend Dave Scouvel. When that series ended after three seasons, Ward found work in a series of panned video-game adaptations directed by Uwe Boll, among them "Postal" and "Alone in the Dark II."