Zoe Lister Jones

Actress/writer/producer Zoe Lister-Jones earned a substantial fanbase among independent film and theater aficionados for her one-woman show "Co-dependence is a Four Letter Word" (2004) and the features "Breaking Upwards" (2009) and "Lola Versus" (2012), all of which took a refreshingly different and mature look at romantic relationships. The daughter of artists, Lister-Jones broke into the New York theater world with the critically praised "Co-dependence," which led to roles in episodic television and independent features. With her real-life significant other Daryl Wein, Lister-Jones co-wrote and starred in "Breaking Upwards," a comedy about a couple who experiment with an open relationship. It received largely excellent reviews, which led to minor roles in major features like "State of Play" (2008) for the actress. In 2012, she and Wein oversaw "Lola Versus," another romantic comedy-drama with indie "it" girl Greta Gerwig. The picture firmly established her place in the arthouse film community while her acting career moved closer to the mainstream with series regular roles in the sitcoms "Whitney" (NBC 2011-2013) and "Friends with Better Lives" (CBS 2014). Lister-Jones' abundant gifts, which granted her keen insight into the complexities of relationships as well as the comic timing to win over primetime audiences, marked her as a talent on the rise in two very distinct mediums.