"For ages, aliens have locked up their prisoners in humans' bodies." In the year 2022, Guard (KIM Woo-bin) and Thunder live on Earth, managing alien prisoners who have been locked up in humans' brains. One day, a spacecraft appears in the sky over Seoul, and the police detective Moon (SO Ji-sub, "Moon") witnesses a strange sight.... Meanwhile 630 years earlier during the Goryeo Dynasty, the hapless dosa (Korean tao magician) Muruk (RYU Jun-yeol) and Ean (KIM Tae-ri), the so-called "The Girl Who Shoots Thunder", each scramble to outwit each other in pursuit of the mystical Divine Blade, for which a huge reward is being offered. Two sorcerers in search of the Divine Blade's secrets, Madam Black (YUM Jung-ah) and Mr. Blue (JO Woo-jin), as well as the masked Jajang (KIM Eui-sung), also set out on a desperate scramble to obtain the Blade. Meanwhile, a spacecraft emerges from a deep river, emitting light.... Those who pursue alien prisoners locked in human bodies in the year 2022, and the sorcerers who pursue the legendary Divine Blade in the year 1391.... When the door of time opens, everything becomes entangled!
Directed By:
Choi Dong-hoon
Running Time:
2 hr 23 min
Gross Box Office:
Release Date:
August 26, 2022


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